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Field to Product

small batches, fresh pours


Peek inside a hop cone and you will see a deep, golden, oily powder, tucked away in the hollows of the flower.  That "powder"? Lupulin glands!  Within those glands are the remarkable properties that make hops such a desirable crop for not only the brewing industry, but for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, too. The oil compounds found in hops include beneficial properties such as anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, antimicrobials, anticarcinogenics.... It is a growing list.


OILS -        The base of what we make

Our carrier oils are 100% pure and all natural.  Using the hops we grow, we infuse our carriers at low temperatures which allows the lupulin to be drawn out of the hop bracteoles while preserving the integrity of the compounds.  Once the infusion is complete, we remove the hop cones from our lupulin-laced oils, being sure to leave the golden lupulin glands swirling throughout the carriers.  It is common for some fibers from the hop bracts to make their way past the filtering process; ultimately, ending up in some of our products.  Should you see some strands of off-green/yellow appear in your Bentley B. products - no worries, those are hops!

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