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During the month of February, 2017, Bentley B. Hops donated lip balm to patients at the Sparta Cancer Center.  Included on the packaging were words of encouragement: Good Thoughts, Small Steps, Another Tomorrow. 

Our hope was that the balm would help patients combat some of the side effects commonly experienced with the treatments they receive and just as importantly, lift their spirits and possibly the spirits of those who care for them.  The experience was so rewarding that it inspired us to expand our efforts - as a result, the H.O.P. Initiative was formed. 

Through the H.O.P. Initiative (Helping Others Persevere), we donate quality self-care products with words of encouragement to those facing tremendous challenges, such as the homeless, domestic abuse victims, rehabilitating veterans, cancer patients and more.  We feel, if we can help others preserve or restore their dignity, then this is something worth doing.

To date, we've donated to the following organizations: 

















All of the funding, producing, packaging and deliveries are through Bentley B. Hops, LLC.  We are fortunate to know great people who have graciously made donations to this cause.  With tremendous gratitude, we thank the following:

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