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Who am I to judge?

Last year, I got my first taste of the NJ State Fair Homebrew Competition- literally. Originally signed up to steward, the judge coordinator reached out and asked if I would be willing to judge. With some apprehension, I agreed. Everyone I encountered on judging day was friendly, patient and more than willing to help guide me through the process. It was another example of how great the people are throughout the brewing community. It was a great day and an even greater experience. Some of the judges I had the pleasure of working with opened my eyes, (or, more accurately, my palate) to the finer qualities and characteristics of ales and lagers.

Once again, I look forward to being a part of this fantastic event - as a sponsor and a judge. On Saturday, August 6th, the best in show judging will take place just prior to the awards ceremony. If you should be at the fair that day, you won't want to miss this. Along with the awards presentation, samples of competition entries will be available to those in attendance, along with a homebrewing demonstration. Hope to see you there!

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