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Bentley B. Hops Hopped Bar Soap
  • Bentley B. Hops Hopped Bar Soap


    Bar Soap:

    An all-natural base is supplemented with olive oil, oatmeal, hop lupulin, and dried hops.  
    The oatmeal and dried hops create a raised texture throughout the bar, enhancing the exfoliation process.


    Woods: A blend of Fir, Scotch, and Cedar.  It's where the forest meets the workshop.  Inspired by Henry David Thoreau's, "Walden", the aromas of split pine and needled trails bring about moments of solitude and internal clarity - "Live deliberately."


    Peak: Simple but pleasing.  A modern take on "fresh from the barber." Inspired by Norman Clyde's numerous first ascents through the High Sierras, Peak's aromas of bergamot, cardamom, amber, pine, and jasmine, will propel you through a day of "... riding avalanches."


    Arena: Inspired by T. Roosevelt's "Man in the Arena", aromas of cedar and leather are mixed with hints of blood orange and fir needle.  Academia meets adventure.  The gentleman's study heads out on safari.


    Nectar: Inspired by Enid Michael, the first female ranger-naturalist at Yosemite, Nectar is the newest edition to the Naturalist Series.  One could argue that Michael literally wrote the book on wildflower botany.  Nectar is citrusy-sweet with herbal undertones; reminiscent of the wildflowers at Cook's Meadow, where the hummingbirds gather and get their fill.

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