Hop Stone - Bentley B. Hops All-Natural Shave Soap
  • Hop Stone - Bentley B. Hops All-Natural Shave Soap


    All-Natural Shave Soap:

    Hop Stone is an all-natural shaving soap made with the added benefits of hops.  The added hop lupulin and dried hops bring extra moisturizing, anti-inflamatories and anti-microbials.

    The therapeutic grade essential oils and bentonite clay allow the razor to glide smoothly across the skin, producing a closer shave.

    Hop Stone develops a frothy lather when whipped in a cup with a brush or can be held in one's hand and applied to the face using a circular motion.

    Hop Stone has a pleasing scent of citrus, mint, and evergreen.





    "The best shave I have ever had. Thanks to Bentley B. Hops for quick reliable service and a great product!" - Matthew S., Great Meadows, NJ

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