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Bentley B. Hops All-Natural Hop Salve
  • Bentley B. Hops All-Natural Hop Salve


    Hop Salve is ideal for those stubborn areas of dry, cracked skin.  The pure cocoa butter and coconut oil work as deep moisturizers, while the aloe and vitamin E promote healing.  The hop-infused avocado oil adds beneficial anti-inflammatories.

    Hop salve has helped those who contend with eczema, psoriasis, and cancer treatments, as well as those who are regularly exposed to the elements.

    For best results, use routinely.



    "My hands are always in the soil and so I've developed these deep, painful cracks all over.  I tried the salve before going to bed and it was the first time my hands didn't hurt."  - Shawna, farmer


    "I want to jump in a pool of that hop salve."  - Jadir, cancer fighter


    "I just dropped off dinner for my parents.  Thursdays are my mom's treatment days.  She was excited to eat because the cracked and broken skin on her lips and around her mouth had finally healed after only a couple of days of using your hop salve." - Kat, daughter of a cancer fighter

    Intended use: Improve and heal dry, cracked skin.

    Scent: unscented

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