The Naturalist Series is a collection of products created for men who want to take care of themselves without compromising who they are.  With aromas that capture the greatness of the outdoors, the refinement of a gentleman's study or the attributes of a craftsman's workshop, the Naturalist Series offers items that are reminiscent of places been and destinations longed for.

After a long day of work or play, grab a block of hopped-bar soap to replenish your skin and recover from exposure to the elements. The oatmeal and hemp oil base combined with pulverized hops, form an ideal texture for removing soil, grease and grime.

Supplemented with jojoba ester and hop-lupulin, Hopped-hair wash is formulated to clean and replenish.  Healthy looking hair has never been more effortless.

Shaving can be unforgiving on your skin.  Bentley B. Hops aftershave balm provides you with the healing nature of aloe and the anti-inflammatory properties found in hop compounds, allowing you to counter the negative effects of shaving. 

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